Celebrating Names

All names, all the time!

(A British man formerly known as Simon Smith has legally changed his name to "Bacon Double Cheeseburger."  Mr. Cheeseburger is one of 85,000 Brits who reportedly legally changed their name in 2015. Other unusual names adopted by people include "Happy Birthday," "Sarge Metalfatigue" and "Simply MyLove Poet.")

"Survey Says!"

Question 1

Do you like your name?
 Yes I like it.    
 I guess I like it okay.   
 I've gotten used to it.   
 No I don't like my name.   
 I'd just as soon have a different name.   

Question 2

Have you thought about changing your name?

 Yes every once and again.   
 I have changed my name.   
 I've thought about it a time or two.   
 Have never thought about it.   
 Wouldn't rule it out. 
 No I'd never change my name.    

Question 3

Who named you?

 As I understand it mostly (or entirely) my mom    
 As I understand it mostly (or entirely) my dad    
 My parents equally    
 Other relative   
 Other uncertain   

Question 4

Do you know what your name means?

 I think so   
 Kind of   
 I've heard things but not certain   
 No idea whatsoever   
 Don't care   

Question 5

If you have a 'nickname,' do you like it?

 I have a nickname and like it okay    
 I have a nickname and don't care for it   
 I have a nickname (let's leave it at that)    
 I don't really have a nickname as such    
 I don't have a nickname