Celebrating Names

All names, all the time!

99 Ways, Part 3

99 Ways, Part 3

Even MORE ways to participate in Celebrate Your Name Week...

27. Make a kite with your name on it/put your name on a kite. Fly it!

28. Get a name tattoo (temporary version).

29. Embroider your name on something

30. See if you can get a skywriter to write your name (or get your name trailing a plane as a banner).

31. Blow bubbles and try to give a name to several before they pop.

32. Sing, hum or whistle a song about a name or names.

33. Play (on an instrument) a song about a name or names.

34. Request a song with name in its title from your favorite radio personality.

35. Use alphabet soup to spell your name.

36. Try to speak your name using an accent (French, British or ?)

37. Speak your name as Dracula would, or as Daffy Duck (or ?) would say your name.

38. Make name fortune cookies (with a name in each).

39. Write your name in the snow.

40. Use a name or names in making a great outgoing phone answering machine message.

41. See who can (from memory) write down the most "Super Hero" names (e.g., Superman, Batman, et al.).

42. Regarding your telephone...determine what numbers the letters of your name make.

43. Try to make in shadow shapes the letters of your name.

44. Use a permanent marker to write you name on your underwear, a shirt, or ?

45. Name your belly button lint.

46. Spell out your name Y-M-C-A dance style.

47. Draw your own, original cartoon character. Name him/her/it.

48. Get the autograph (on whatever) of a friend or loved one(s).

49. Give names to your body parts.

50. Try pronouncing your name (or any name) backwards.

51. Learn the name of someone you see fairly regularly (such as a store clerk) yet don't know their name.

52. Come up with (even if just for today) a fun-spirited nickname for yourself or for someone else.

53. Ask a grandparent about names.

54. See a squirrel, bird or other creature and give it a name for the time it's in view.

55. Write a name or names on a water balloon before tossing it.

56. Research your family tree.

57. Decorate a cake and add your name to it.

58. Create your own recipe and name your dish.

59. Stencil your name.

60. Make a nameplate using old Scrabble squares.

61. Name a cloud (even as it floats away).

62. Let someone know that Earth's natural satellite was specifically named "Moon" (eventually the name was applied to all such objects).

63. For today, for yourself, give a new name to a local business.

64. Decide which street in your area has the most unusual name.

65. Call yourself by a different name today.

66. Play Scrabble using only names.

67. Think about your name on a "vanity" license plate.

68. See what comes up when you enter your name into an Internet search engine (e.g., Google).

69. Write your name on a banana.

70. Go to a cemetary, read names on headstones.

71. Carve your name in a pumpkin.

72. Paint your name on a wall you're repainting.

73. Make snowpeople. Name them.

74. Call everyone (male or female) "Donald" for a day.

75. Name your plants.

76. In your head, or outloud as a game with someone, decide a name for each person you see.

77. Name your neighborhood or celebrate its current name (if it has one).

78. Give names to the trees in your yard or at a park, etc.

79. Look at a globe or map and learn names of places.

80. Suggest a baby name to a pregnant friend or family member.

81. Find a song (or songs) with your name in it (them).

82. Find a list (online, at a library, etc.) of celebrity birth names versus the stage name he or she adopted.

83. Use magnetic letters to spell out your name.

84. Decide what you'd name your band if you had one.

85. Ask someone, whether a friend or loved one, about her maiden name.

86. Using names only, make a crossword puzzle for someone to do.

87. Look up the word "onomatology" and use it in a sentence.

88. Create a name(s) collage.

89. Create art using your names, or names in general.

90. Learn all you can about the person behind the name Millard Fillmore.

91. Contemplate: Did you have an "invisible friend/" Named?

92. On paper, online or in your head, creat a fictional character and name the character.

93. Discover (via a library or online) all the details you can about the name of your city, your state, and/or your country.

94. See what baptism names are about, see what other types of names you can find.

95. For a day, give yourself a name from another country.

96. There are Oscar awards and Emmy awards. What would you name your award and for what would it be awarded?

97. Add your name to a petition for a cause in which you believe.

98.Learn to sign (sign language) your name.

99. Tell someone the name of a hero/heroine you admire.

99+  Make a name bracelet.