Celebrating Names

All names, all the time!

99 Ways, Part 2

99 Ways, Part 2

More ways to participate...

14.) Take time to learn about, and visit if you can, memorials featuring the name(s) of the brave men and women who have given their lives in service to their country.

15.) Buy or borrow (from a library) a book with a theme about names. Read it.

16.) Read aloud a book (fiction or otherwise) about a name or names to a youngster.

17.) Have your clever Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop invent its own name-themed project.

18.) Contact us to tell us what you did to celebrate CYNW.

19.) Post (e.g., on a bulletin board) pictures from magazines, etc. of people. Ask your participants to decide a name for the person in each picture. (Each participant posts a name under one or more picture[s].) Discuss the name choices participants made.

20.) Invite your favorite radio/TV personality to contact us about CYNW.

21.) Red Hat groups: Let us know how you came up with your chapter's name.

22.) Name things. For instance, if the vehicle you drive doesn't already have a name, name it! Let us know what all you named.

23.) Memorize the names of all U.S. presidents.

24.) Volunteer in any number of ways to honor the name of someone special to you.

25.) Personal enrichment: Learn how the word "name" is said in other languages.

26.) Write a poem about a name (whether yours or someone else's)

Bonus suggestions:

See if you can find a village, town or city that has your first, middle or last name.

Sign your name to a check made out to a worthwhile charity.

NASA. Every once and again NASA collects names to be sent along in spacecraft.

Discuss whether you believe the meaning of your first name suits your character/personality. 

Discuss whether you like your name or would you like to switch names with someone?

Discuss whether people can "look like their name."

If you had one, tell what you'd name your robot or submarine or airplane or ranch.

What would (or did) you name your Website?